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  • I would like to have the phpBB and WP tables in the same db which is fairly easy to do. But what I really want is for someone to register in one program but not have to re-register in another.
    Would this be easier done modifying the DB structure or by adding php code in these programs’ registration pages?

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  • Is there any way to do it with cookies instead, like Coppermine does?

    I don’t think so. Even if a cookie had someone’s login info for the WP portion of the site, what if they don’t have an account to the phpBB side?
    What I’d like to do is add code so that if new visitors register or edit their profile in one section of the site, the other section will be updated — a change in the WP user table would also mean a change in the phpBB user table, and vice versa.
    As I see it, they can’t share the same login table since they use data structures. Anyways, I think it’d be easy to add code to WP’s wp-register.php and profile page so that the phpBB user table would be updated. Or if this can be done through the my-hacks.php file, let me know. I’m a little unclear on how to use this file.
    Changing phpBB’s profile.php page though looks a bit more complicated but I should go to the phpBB’s boards for that. Or I could look at Invision board code.

    Bringing this thread back to life.
    I think it might be easier to change the User table columns in WP to match with phpBB and possiblity 4images. From what I can tell, they both use session variables to determine who is logged in. However, they determine the user access level based off of the base user information session variable. So, the same amount of variables might need to be passed in order for the login to work.
    Check out the auth.php and session.php files in phpBB includes folder.
    I think you would have to change the register screen in WP to call the register action form in phpBB, so it would add the user to both places. The only changes that should pass over from one area would be the profile info and password. Changes to the preferences would only happen when in the particular application.
    Once the tables are sync’d then you would have to change each applications Log-in areas to create a session variable for each application or change the session variable names so that they are all the same and can be used by all applications. Not sure if the later would work with password part, if they use different encryption methods.
    From what I see, this would be more than a my-hacks addition.
    I think it would be nice if part of the setup options if you could designate your blog, gallery and forum programs, so that the login’s could be combined.

    I really don’t have much PHP experience at all, but I also use phpBB and WordPress on the same site and I think sync’ing as many tables as possible to avoid repetition is a great idea. Please put up a post if anyone is able to work it out. Thanks.

    I have long been noodling around with the idea of building PHP applications of whatever kind starting first with the phpBB user and session management system, just lifting it right out of phpBB. Here are the reasons why:
    1. It’s already done, and it is robust.
    2. It is familiar to a large proportion of web users.
    3. Using phpBB’s user and session system would allow instant and painless integration of phpBB forums with your application, should that ever be desirable.
    Therefore, I think LoganSix has the right idea. You would want an option to use the phpBB user system. I’d go a step further and suggest, per my noodling above, that the native WP user system be replaced or supplemented with the phpBB system, even if you don’t have phpBB installed.

    well phpBB is just one of the forum software. i am inclined towards IPB, vBulletin is also popular.

    I’m using ipb and it’ll be great if wp could use the ipb users table.
    I don’t want to synchronise the two tables (wp and ipb users tables).
    I think about modifying the login file from wp.

    see, thats what i was talking about. there are zillions of softwares out there that have a user base.

    I suggest phpBB for the simple reason that it is by far the most popular open-source PHP BBS package.
    Even if there are others, there’s still not much justification for inventing a new and incompatible users and session system every time you start a new project. It makes sense to examine what’s out there and see what you can use.
    If there were lots and lots of open-source BBSes out there all with a similar share of the market, the decision would be more complex. But this is not the case. These days, you are very likely to see either phpBB or VB, and VB is not open-source.

    In theory, you could setup WP to have an option to choose which BB system you are using. Then it would create the appropriate Session variable for whichever BB you choose.
    This would solve the debate about which BB to synch it with, but obviously there would have to be a script written for each BB to call the correct session variable and decode the information and ect…
    The problem with this is that you couldn’t log into WP from the BB’s, unless WP looked for that BB’s session variable.
    Hmmm, I think I might have come up with the outline for the complete answer. WP would only have it’s own session variable, if you didn’t assign a BB.
    Now the only issue would be automatic registration from the BB to WP or from WP to the BB. But, that could be solved with a Admin screen in WP to “synch BB registration”. Which would go to the BB tables and pull any new member information into the WP tables.

    @redneck. I go to 5 forums. and incidently 2 of them neowin and my own company’s forum are on IPB. Opera is on vBulletin and only Mozilla forums are on phpBB. So the popularity of the forums is relative. This forum for instance uses miniBB. Matt afaik hates all of them and this miniBB installation is heavily midified too 🙂

    Something I started planning but haven’t started mucking around with (I wish I didn’t have midterms coming up) but I wondered if a BB and WP could use the same login table. phpBB and WP already have a few columns in common — some columns share the same data and name, others share the same data but have different names.
    So then (specific to phpBB): phpBB’s login table could be modified to have WP specific columns added and WP could be modded to use phpBB’s login table and also to reflect the new data column name changes. Is possible, I hope?

    On the using the same session variables topic.
    From the phpBB knowledges base.
    Basic tutorial on how to keep sessions going across phpBB and your site
    Let’s not argue about which BB is used and work towards a solution that would work for most BB’s and WP. That being said, if the BB can’t use session variables to log in, then it would be off the list. We want to a minimal of modification to the BB.

    LoganSix: Again I am in agreement with you.
    If I was going to choose just one BB user and session system to support, it would be phpBB, but why support just one?
    If I was going to create a default user and session support system for WP or anything else it would be phpBB, but why not have a way to optionally support others?
    People would write simple hacks for their favorite BB integration, once WP was made compatible with one of them.

    Skeen do you want to share your code or even method to this?
    I think it’s possible to add rows missing in the phpbb or ipb users table, no?

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