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  • I just updated our server to PHP7 with OPCache (using EasyApache 4) and imediatly hit an issue:

    The main site worked but all of the multisites gave a 500 error.
    I turned off OPCache (opcache.enable = 0 in php.ini) and that has restored all the multisites – except for the admin!

    I have the following:

    I can log into, see the site details, add domain mapping, update themes and plugins etc without issues. But, if I try to access the admin for domain2 and test.domain2 I get to the login screen, enter details – then get a 500 error – the sites themselves are still visible.

    I have disabled all plugins and themes but still no admin login.

    I have another site on the same server – not multisite – and that works perfectly.

    Would be grateful for any insights!


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