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  • Hello, this plugin isn’t currently compatible with PHP7. Could you provide a status update regarding if/when this will be the case?

    File: wp-content\plugins\wp-csv\CPK_WPCSV_Log_Model.php
    > Line 86: Removed function “mysql_real_escape_string” called
    mysql_real_escape_string($msg, $this->db->dbh);
    > Line 87: Removed function “mysql_real_escape_string” called
    mysql_real_escape_string($data, $this->db->dbh);

    File: wp-content\plugins\wp-csv\CPK_WPCSV_Posts_Model.php
    > Line 156: Removed function “mysql_query” called
    mysql_query($sql, $this->db->dbh);
    > Line 158: Removed function “mysql_fetch_array” called
    mysql_fetch_array($results, MYSQL_ASSOC);

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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