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    Currently converting many sites to PHP7.2. When activating this plugin I get a 502 page “The page request was canceled because it took too long to complete”
    This is on WPEngine network.

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  • HI @apphut,

    We’ve found this error is limited to those hosted on WpEngine.

    Can you send any error log files in a support ticket by clicking on the Get Help link, or click here:

    Anyone else who is hosted on WPEngine, getting the 502 errors:

    This problem seems limited to users on WpEngine only. We have looked at and checked the log files supplied by everyone and there is no data that shows anything wrong with our plugin, so we are requesting:

    Can any of you please contact your WpEngine support and ask them to look at their log files for the 502 errors — and what could be causing the problem — and submit those log files to us for investigation please.

    I installed the 2.5.35 and it was fine for over 24 hours of use so all seems well. I also just installed the 2.5.36 and that seems well also.
    I am on wpengine.

    Thanks @normanbird!

    Anyone else on WpEngine, your results?

    Hi Sunny,

    I’m on WPE and still has the issue of 502 bad gateway if I use PHP 7.2.Just sent ticket and error log to the “get help” page thanks.

    On my other site on WPE, seems the update works but I still see the error notice, otherwise the frontend looks great, no 502 error.

    [Thu Dec 20 21:54:37.237459 2018] [php7:error] [pid 29568] [client] PHP Fatal error: require(): Failed opening required ‘/wp-content/plugins/all-in-one-event-calendar-old/lib/calendar/updates.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/share/php’) in /wp-content/plugins/all-in-one-event-calendar-old/lib/bootstrap/loader.php on line 88, referer:


    The latest update, Version 2.5.36 seems fixed all the issues in PHP 7.2 on WPE, Thanks for the hard work and great support.

    Hi @pupungbp,

    Thanks for the report and for confirming the fix worked!



    Hi @sunny454,

    I also have a WP Engine hosted site using PHP 7.2 and was encountering 502 errors like other users in this thread had experienced, even after updating all-in-one-event-calendar to version 2.5.36.

    In troubleshooting with their support we found that the issue was related to the WordPress core version I was on; I had updated to WordPress 5.0.2, and they tried changing the site to WordPress 4.9.9 instead and that immediately fixed things.

    Would you have any insight into why 5.0.2 might be causing issues in conjunction with PHP 7.2?




    I am still experiencing the 502 error on WP Engine.

    Plugin Version 2.5.36, PHP 7.2, WP 5.0.2.

    My WP Engine support tech investigated on his end and concluded that the issue is related to the plugin causing “server-side segmentation faults”, but wasn’t able to provide additional information. The tech noted that the 502 error has been popping up with this plugin as well as other plugins.

    He tried increasing the install’s memory limit to 2GB, but it did not resolve the issue either.

    Sunny Lal



    Unfortunately, without error logs from your end, we can’t know or determine what is causing the errors you guys are still having.

    In our testing and other users also, in WP 5.02 and our plugin version 2.5.36, there are no errors and it seems everything works flawlessly.

    If you can submit a support ticket with an attached error log file == this will help us try to figure out what else could be causing your errors.




    After working with WP Engine support for the past week, I was able to get the strace of the segment fault that is happening with this plugin. I submitted a ticket via the help system. what is the best way to get this strace dump to you?

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    Sunny Lal


    Hi @kisonay,

    Yes, that is the best way, and thanks for helping out!

    I was able to fix it. There are 2 problems here and my solution is to use transients instead of a .php file to generate the “loader-map” cached classes map. WP Engine makes new “.php” files added through a php script with 600 (permissions) instead of 644… There is no way to make them 644 unless you reset your file permissions every time the file gets generated OR use any other file extension like .tmp.

    Second problem is this line: $cached = ( require $cache_file ); (Inside loader.php). This is causing the 502… Again, if this information gets stored in a transient, you won’t have this problem…

    To fix this, I replaced “.php” with “.tmp” for the loader-map file like this:
    (Inside loader.php)
    1. $cache_file = str_replace( '.php', '.tmp', $cache_file ); (add this after $cache_file = $this->_get_cache_file_path( $path );)
    2. Replace $cached = ( require $cache_file ); with $cached = eval( str_replace( '<?php ', '', file_get_contents( $cache_file ) ) );

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    Hi @explorador20,

    Your feedback and solution has been forwarded to our Dev Team. We wish to thankyou for your efforts, not just for our product but also if this helps solve issues for many WP Engine users .. it’s greatly appreciated.

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