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    Hello, First I want to praise your plugin, it is one of the best I’ve found for this use.

    I’m working with a host, WP Engine. They say in order to upgrade the site software to PHP7.0 we must make some plugins compatible. Your plugin triggers a warning I wanted to bring to your attention. Below is the report along with a comment of the possible conflict.

    FILE: /nas/content/live/soss/wp-content/plugins/interactive-3d-flipbook-powered-physics-engine/inc/dictionary.php

    4 | WARNING | Function name “__” is discouraged; PHP has reserved all method names with a double underscore prefix for future use

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  • Plugin Author iberezansky



    Thank you, there is a trick to simplify something, WP uses __(…) for translation strings, so i have to use it too. Probably i will disable this warning, because it depends from WP not from me.

    Best regards,

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