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  • I’ve upgraded my site to PHP5 and MYSQL 4.1.1 and upgraded the code to work with both PHP5 and mysqli. The BIG problem with php5 is that it requires declaring arrays as arrays before using them. That problem is solved. I can upgrade 1.2 to PHP 5 if anyone wants… I think that was the only problem I really had (except for wpdb->get_var not working and some various other things). I’m willing to do this as soon as 1.2 goes final, or beforehand if people would really want this… make it 1.2.p5 or something.

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  • Do you have the wp-login.php running with PHP 5.0.0RC2? I’ve a blog with the 1.0.2 version of WordPress, and this is the only part that’s not working.

    Yeah, everything should work on my site (

    Can you please send me a copy of the wp-login.php or post the code somewhere?
    ne at crube dot net

    ah… i’ve only got 1.0.1… I can download the new one and get it up and running by wednesday… i’ll work on wp-login.php first.

    wp-login.php v. 1.0.2 is no different than 1.0.1. I’ve made no changes to my wp-login.php. My only guess is that you might need to initialize $login as $login[] = array().

    Can you please post the code fragment here, or send the wp-login to me?

    $login = $wpdb->get_row($query);
    should become
    $login[] = array();
    $login = $wpdb->get_row($query);
    Let me know if that works. I haven’t had to make that change, so this is definitely something interesting, unless it happens that the error occurs deeper (like in wp-db.php).

    Don’t work.
    IE displays an error page, and Firefox a blank page, like before the change you sugested.

    Hm… have you ruled out an error in wp-db.php?



    hey there – I’m running php5 with the mysqli functions…I’m not entirely sure what I need to do.
    smokejumper – do you happen to have ported files I’d need?

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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