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  • I’m using the smart archives plugin, just wondering how I’d convert the following code, which shows the short version of the months, to the standard mode that shows the long version of the months. This is the part of the code in question:

    $sm = date("M", StrToTime("$date[month]/01/2001")); // get the shortened month name
    $pd = sprintf("%02s", $date[month]); // pad the month with a zero if needed
    echo('<a href="'.$archive_uri.$year.'/'.$pd.'/">'.$sm.'</a> '."n");

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  • Via, change “M” to “F”

    Any good PHP book recommendations. Something for the beginner that also takes you further,..damn I feel sheeepish 🙂

    Not sure about an introductory book unfortunately:-( I tend to learn by doing (i.e. jumping straight in). A good thing to do is set up a little sandbox environment and just play around.

    The web (esp. is actually a fantastic resource and one I use more than books. Kinda like web design really… Bowman, Meyer et al are better resources than any book:-)

    Now if you were asking about Java or Oracle books, I have a few recommendations…

    BTW, if anybody does have a good book, please comment here. I’m sure we’ll all want to know…

    Certainly a lot to choose from:

    Yeah but which one :). I’ll give you a hint about me, I’m addicted to books. Soooo if someone would actually recommend one that’s good, and why, a little bit of searching for a review or two, and chances are I’ll probably end up buying it tonight :)…seriously.

    The last PHP book I read was in 1998, hence the lack of pointers to a good one. But I’m sure someone has come across a helpful one recently…

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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