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    I was going to put this snippet into all types of links on the page, i.e., picture link, button, and text link.
    So far, it works well only in-text link and only with ‘ instead of “. ([wbcr_snippet id=111])

    I tried both PHP snippet and Universal, but it always returns:
    [wbcr_snippet]: PHP snippets error (not passed the snippet ID)

    What is wrong with it? Did I miss anything? Thanks in advance.

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    The same thing with js

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    Most likely, the editor replaces the standard quotation marks on your site with something else.

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    Yeap, it indeed affects the double quotation marks. I see it it MySQL page content. But it is not the point of my question.

    Check this sample page pls: https://tinyurl.com/ycycsbr2

    All of the buttons and the images links returns:

    [wbcr_snippet]: PHP snippets error (not passed the snippet ID)

    It is deployed from scratch and has only Woody, Astra, and Elementor plugins activated at this very moment.

    The sample page uses single quotation marks in the first two examples. ([wbcr_snippet id=‘Number‘])
    And the 3rd example is similar to the first one, but with the double quotation marks to show the difference. ([wbcr_snippet id=”Number”])

    I understand why replaced to " or to \” , since it could break the code. But the single quotation mark has not changed anywhere, as I can see it in MySQL database. Still, it executes only in the text links.

    Maybe the space between “snippet” and “id” in the snippet code ([wbcr_snippet id=’Number’]) could be the reason?

    What else could be the cause of this behavior? Any suggestions on how to fix it?


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    It is possible that the text is processed after it is received from the database. Can you show the code of the page where the shortcodes are inserted?

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