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    Hello, I have question about BulletProof Security.

    I have another plugin installed called “Ultimate Security Checker”. Before the latest update of BulletProof Security, when I used to run the tests it would say that PHP version is not shown.
    After updating to BPS 47.8 (always using secure htaccess) and re-scanning the site with Ultimate Security Checker, it now tells me that PHP version is shown
    Other plugins have remained the same

    I have tested this with cache both on and off (currently off)

    Is something BPS is now doing (or not doing) in the latest version that causes this, or is it a false report? (not to be excluded)


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    I can’t think of any coding in BPS .47.8 that has changed that would have any effect on this whatsoever. We added security logging and did the usual coding improvements/enhancements, but nothing was changed in regards to displaying or not displaying the PHP version. I’m not really sure why you would want to hide your PHP version anyway. I do not see any benefit or protection by doing that. Even hiding the WordPress version does not really have any benefit or protection because it is very easy to figure out which version of WordPress and PHP you are using by executing some script against the site. Basically you really cannot hide these things and there is really not any need to try and hide the version/signature.

    Thank you for your reply.

    Perhaps it is an issue with the other plugin, although it has not been updated in the meantime.
    Anyway if you say it’s not a big deal, I am OK with it.

    Plugin Author AITpro


    Yep no big deal at all. I have wanted to remove the silly feature in BPS that attempts to hide the WordPress version, but folks think that this has value so I always just grin and bear it and leave it be. Yeah it works to hide the WordPress version in a direct way, but if a hacker wants to find out what version of WordPress you have then there are dozens of other ways to find the version number/signature. There really is not a way to completely hide the version of WordPress completely unless you modified WP Core files and that is Taboo of course and something that you really would not want to do. 😉 As long is real security is in place then there really is no need to try and hide anything.

    Does your Online bank or PayPal try to hide their login page or any other pages or anything at all for that matter?

    Nope because they have real security in place. 😉

    Plugin Author AITpro



Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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