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  • Hello all,

    Not sure if this should work with wordpress or not (or it may just be my lack of php knowledge). I got it to work on another non-wp site I built easily so I know the code is solid. It must be some sort of conflict with WP right?

    Here is what I’ve got on my working site:

    When a parameter is added to the url, example: it then redirects to a specific URL which is defined by “1234” on another website via a custom API.

    first line of code on my index.php file is
    <?php include 'redirect.php'; ?> which has all the info for the redirect its self.

    I was thinking I would put the same line in root/index.php at the top and include redirect.php in the same folder and everything would work but it’s not functioning. It’s just returning a blank page :-/

    Could it be because the index.php already has to call other wp files?

    I’m completely lost. 🙁

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