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  • I’m thinking about installing an Apache/PHP/Mysql setup on my comp to run a test WP site. Has anyone done this? I know there are a lot of packages ready for download, but I can’t decide which one to try. Should I install it on a separate partition? Any other advice?

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  • I’ve also been thinking about this, but haven’t tried yet – however, there are a couple of guides to setting up WordPress on OS X that I have bookmarked, which might be useful:

    Good luck!

    There is MAMP too. It’s supposed to make the php/sql/apache install one-click (I think)

    I used the maczealots tutorial and I have to say it was excellent and all worked first time except for the MySQL database password hash change. But there is a comment in the article that tells you how to fix this if affected by it.
    Surely if you are using Panther or Tiger, both Apache and PHP are pre-installed. The tutorial tells you how to turn them on. Go for it – it is a great way to install WP and to test things out.

    Thanks for the links. I want to develop a theme, and this would be the best way of doing so. I looked at maczealots link, and seems easy enough, just downloaded mysql, note the link in the article is broken, and you’ll need to find the most current version now (4.1.x).
    I’ll post if I run into any issues. Running Panther.

    Ok, I just downloaded and installed MAMP, and got WP up and running in no time flat. Very nice. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to mirror the content of my site this way, but I’m mostly interested in tweaking the template locally before I upload it, so this should be ok. One thing that looks to be a problem is that I can’t create a .htaccess file, so I can’t use permalinks. Other than that this looks like a good option, and really easy too.

    Well I didn’t use MAMP, I tried to do it the old fashioned way. On my first attempt, something borked in the installer script for wordpress. So I did some reading, and read that there could be issues with mysql 4.1, so I tried to back track. However I ran into a problem creating the database on subsequent attempts, and not until I found this mysql install walk through, that outlined a trouble shooting tip that talks about re-initializing the database.
    Also note I updated PHP to 5, not sure if that helps or not.
    I did finally get a good install, and everything is working.
    Now to to put it to use, and develop a theme of my own.

    Just for anyone having trouble with the installation and came here through forum search:

    – MAMP’s mysql server seems to be broken under 10.4.2, despite the green light. No word on an update yet

    – Mysql 4.1.x requires a little hacking (as mentioned above) Go here for info

    Once you read the tutorial on the maczealot link you can also download a program called YourSQL (do a google search for it) for the macintosh and this will show you a GUI interface for adding databases, tables and custom sql commands. The connection is simple.

    You use (for local machine obviously) in the “connection” line
    You use the “root” username you made in the maczealot tutorial
    You use the password you made in the macealot tutorial

    Thats the 3 things you need to do then it will connect into your mysql databases and you’ll be up and running in no time. For best results use the mysql link found on his website as well (use 4.0 rather than 4.1) and when you want to install php on your apache service, download the php package from try and download the latest stable release for your apache version.

    Thats my 2 pence (not cents as I live in the UK!)

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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