PHP Medic needed: How concerned should this patient be with these errors? (1 post)

  1. AutomatedKid
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I just started a new wp / bp multisite installation, still working out bugs to get above the hood working, but decided to look into the php status screen only to discover the following sticking out like a sore thumb (red bold).

    Slow_queries 36
    Handler_read_rnd 11.9 M
    Handler_read_rnd_next 5.2 G
    Qcache_lowmem_prunes 609.7 k
    Created_tmp_disk_tables 600.2 k
    Delayed_errors 969
    Select_full_join 89.5 k
    Select_range_check 597
    Sort_merge_passes 603
    Opened_tables 359.8 k
    Table_locks_waited 9.5 k

    This is all running on...

    Apache version 2.2.23
    PHP version 5.3.18
    MySQL version 5.1.65-cll
    Architecture x86_64
    Operating system linux

    Since I am not a php guru by any means, though learning more each day, I was wondering how concerned I should be since I have nothing installed except the latest wp and bp plugin. I also did a repair and optimization prior to taking these readings.

    Any responses would be appreciated.

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