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  • Hi ! Happy new year !

    I have a litle PHP issue, i think a lot of people can solve it so please help me !

    This is a template tags of wp-ecommerce to insert a button (add to cart):
    <?php echo wpsc_add_to_cart_button(1); ?>
    If i put it in my category.php i retrieve the button (add to cart) for my product with the ID 1. All is ok but i want to print the button to corresponding ID (product)

    I have created a custom field for each post:
    key : addcart
    value : <?php echo wpsc_add_to_cart_button(1); ?>

    I retrieve it with :
    <?php echo get_post_meta($post->ID, "addcart", true);?>
    But nothing is print !

    I have tried to modify my custom field like this :
    key : addcart
    value : 1

    And to retrieve it with :
    <?php echo wpsc_add_to_cart_button(echo get_post_meta($post->ID, "addcart", true);); ?>
    But it’s a PHP error….

    It’s maybe more complicated to understand me than to solve the problem…

    Thanks in advance for those who stay on this

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