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    “Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL which is required for WordPress.”

    That’s what I get when I try to run the install.

    I am using remote hosting, so none of the answers on the support board work for me because I can’t edit my host’s programs.

    I’m hosting through GoDaddy who says they’re running the 4.0.24 version of MySQL.

    I’ve set up my database and edited my wp-config.php with the correct DB_HOST name as provided by my host.

    Everything appears to be in order, but I can’t install.

    Anyone have any ideas on this? I’m pretty much a newb to all this, so layman’s terms would be most appreciated. 🙂


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  • omg i have the EXACT same problem and i dont know what to do or what is wrong!

    ok i got it fixed!!! this is what you do!…apparently ur using the wrong language support. what you do to fix this is to call up the support number at 1489 505 8877 and tell them that u signed up for the ASP language support and want to switch it to the php language support. they can walk you through it. the only down side is it will take 72 hours =(

    if u dont want to call them, do this:

    go to

    1. sign in with ur customer service # followed by your password
    2. click on my account link underlined in blue under “Hi _____”
    3. there are blue links on the left side right?

    Hosting & Email
    Dedicated/Virtual Dedicated Servers
    >>>>>Hosting Account List<<<<<<<< Click on that
    Email Account List
    Online File Folder
    Online File Folder
    Fax Thru Email
    Online Group Calendar
    Quick Blog Accounts
    Quick Podcast Accounts

    4. then you see:
    Hosting Account Control Panel
    >>>> <<<<< click
    Economy Hosting w/ ASP (this is the problem here!) Open

    Domain: ______
    Hosting Login: ___________
    Server IP Address: _________
    Dedicated Hosting IP:
    Billing Date: ______
    Status: Pending Account Change
    Disk Space: _______
    Bandwidth: ____________

    Dedicated IP: Add Dedicated IP Address

    Traffic Facts: Add Traffic Facts to this Account

    ColdFusion: Add ColdFusion to this Account


    Upgrade/Downgrade Hosting Account

    >>>>>>Switch Operating System <<<<<< blue link

    Select New Hosting Plan Compare Hosting Plans
    >>>>> Economy Hosting w/ PHP – $3.99/mo. <<<<< this one!
    Economy Hosting W /ASP – $3.99/mo.
    Deluxe Hosting W /ASP – $9.99/mo.
    Deluxe Hosting with CGI – $9.99/mo.
    Deluxe Hosting with ASP – b – $6.99/mo.
    Deluxe Hosting with CGI – b – $6.99/mo.
    Premium Hosting w/ PHP / PERL – $19.99/mo.
    Premium Hosting w/ASP – $19.99/mo.
    Premium Hosting w/ PHP / PERL – b – $14.99/mo.
    Premium Hosting w/ ASP / Windows – b – $14.99/mo.

    7. click on continue at the bottom
    8. save changes

    Hosting Account Control Panel
    Economy Hosting w/ PHP Open <<<<< see, it’s PHP now!!!!
    Hosting Account

    i hope that helps! now i have to wait 72 hours =(

    THAT’S IT!!!!

    Oh wow – I can’t believe I didn’t notice that. Thank you so much!

    I am now waiting my 72 hours as well. 🙂

    Thanks again.

    Don’t forget to mark it resolved, too.

    hey mine is working and it wasnt even 72 hours! how about urs?

    Yep! Getting it set up right now!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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