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  • Hello,

    I have installed your User Emails plugin…thanks.

    I have a question about the PHP.INI file size.

    I got this message:
    Warning: The number of users (over 3500) plus overhead exceeds the PHP max_input_vars setting (1000). You will not be able to send email to more than 990 users in one batch. This can be changed by increasing the value of max_input_vars setting in the PHP.ini configuration file.

    When I go to change the PHP.INI file, what size do I need to increase the max_input_vars to?

    I expect to have >6K users soon.


    Jean Johnson

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  • krogstade


    I have 1500 users and looking for the same answer

    Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    You may not need to change PHP.ini at all. I would recommend using the BCC Limit feature to break up a large recipient list into smaller chunks.

    The BCC Limit setting limits the number of recipient addresses which appear in any one email. If you are sending an email to 537 recipients and the BCC Limit is set to 100, Email Users will send out six (6) email messages. Message #1 will go to recipients 1-100, #2 to recipients 101-200, #3 to recipients 201-300, #4 to recipients 301-400, #5 to recipients 401-500 and #6 to recipients 501-537.

    This solution works well except in the case where your hosting provider imposes a limitation on the number of email messages which can be sent in a period of time (max emails per hour or something like that). Email Users does not contain any scheduling or queuing system to spread the sending of emails out over a period of time.

    Even if you changed the PHP.ini setting to a really large number (like 10,000) I’d be surprised if your web server would pass that much data through that mechanism. Selecting 6000 users from a list doesn’t make a lot of sense, you should put them in one or more groups and use the Send to Groups capability, the performance will be much better.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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