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  • I discovered WP through ( with a link to open access hosting service and recently ran into some PHP troubles.

    Question 1:

    Is this a place to get some advice on where to look for help when a newbie age 73 suddenly gets into trouble?

    Question 2: I’m paying a NetSo/ tech for help, but if Q1 is yes,

    I created a problem trying to solve a problem in the /Indivisible folder with a duplicate folder and attempts to delete. I can see and edit in the WP dashboard, but I cannot find a way to get those files visible again.

    Thus, the 404: Page not found….no web page with the name you specified at the website and the trouble shoots don’t work. Imagine the thousands of pages a 40f error brings up.

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  • 1) this is a place for anyone regardless of experience and age to ask questions.

    2) not sure which folder you deleted to create this problem but you can try deleting all the WP install files expect you wp-content folder and upload a fresh copy of WP.

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