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  • Hi folks I am currently making a website that uses php includes for content etc.

    I wanted to include wordpress as the news section, it doesn’t appear that simple, however it works if you strip the theme down to have no WP based links.
    What I would like to know can I integrate wp so it will work whilst included as I have it … or do i need to create my base index.php file as a template for wp ? what is the best way to integrate, it would be nice to have all the features of WP at least able to be used. click news to see the wp included at the minute.

    The way I have done it may need more explaining but you will see if you click the <more> tag that it goes out of template, and also my comments don’t work and I have no idea why but I have edited the theme files by excluding and deleteing many things to get this look, which is close to what I would like is
    is there a basic unformatted theme out there I could just slip in .. of can someone let me in on what I should really be doing.

    thanks so much Giles

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