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  • Okay so I’ve done some research yet my problem is a little bit more demanding. I want to create a navbar drop-down menu using superfish, I have all the superfish files required.

    It’s easy enough to do for page navigation but my theme has a custom navigation bar for categories.
    Since I don’t really know PHP code I’m hoping someone could help me out.

    The code (from the header.php file) for the category navigation bar is shown below.

    <div id="navbar">
    $eece_global_showcats = get_option('eece_global_showcats');
    $eece_global_showcats_sortby = get_option('eece_global_showcats_sortby');
    $eece_global_showcats_order = get_option('eece_global_showcats_order');
    $eruby_cat_sort_db = array('name','ID','slug ','count','term_group');
    $eruby_cat_order_db = array('ASC','DESC');
    $addtionstr = '';
    if ($eece_global_showcats && is_numeric(str_replace(',','',$eece_global_showcats)) ) {
    if ($eece_global_showcats_order && is_numeric($eece_global_showcats_order) && $eece_global_showcats_order<2 && $eece_global_showcats_order>=0) { $addtionstr .= '&order='.$eruby_cat_order_db[$eece_global_showcats_order]; } else { $addtionstr .= ''; }
    if ($eece_global_showcats_sortby && is_numeric($eece_global_showcats_sortby) && $eece_global_showcats_sortby<5 && $eece_global_showcats_sortby>=0) { $addtionstr .= '&orderby='.$eruby_cat_sort_db[$eece_global_showcats_sortby]; } else { $addtionstr .= ''; }
    } else {

    What I want to do is show the sub categories when hovering over a category using superfish, sounds easy enough, but difficult if you don’t know PHP.

    I can understand if I don’t get a reply for this but thanks in advance!

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