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  • Plugin Author BrechtVds


    As far as I’m aware the putenv() function is not used in our plugin. Definitely not in any of our own code and a search through all our code (including external libraries we use) doesn’t bring any occurrences of the putenv() function up either.

    Does the email from WP Engine mention our plugin specifically? We’re hosted at WP Engine ourselves and have not received anything (yet).

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    I grabbed the copy of the plugin from my server and found a reference to ‘putenv’ commented out on Line #12 of:


     * Compress Javascript using the Closure Compiler
     * You must set $jarFile and $tempDir before calling the minify functions.
     * Also, depending on your shell's environment, you may need to specify
     * the full path to java in $javaExecutable or use putenv() to setup the
     * Java environment.
     * <code>
     * Minify_ClosureCompiler::$jarFile = '/path/to/closure-compiler-20120123.jar';
     * Minify_ClosureCompiler::$tempDir = '/tmp';
     * $code = Minify_ClosureCompiler::minify(
     *   $code,
     *   array('compilation_level' => 'SIMPLE_OPTIMIZATIONS')
     * );
     * </code>
     * @todo unit tests, $options docs
     * @todo more options support (or should just passthru them all?)
     * @package Minify
     * @author Stephen Clay <>
     * @author Elan Ruusamäe <>

    It’s also referenced in a very long array in:


    Plugin Author BrechtVds


    Yes, I found those references as well, but that’s just text in comments, not actual usage of the function.

    Did WP Engine mention anything about finding it in our plugin?


    Here’s a screenshot of the email, which looks automated. I’ve blacked out the name of the site.

    Plugin Author BrechtVds


    Thanks. They probably got triggered on the mention of the function in the comment.

    Just to confirm: this will not impact our plugin at all since that function is not actually used.


    Yeah, thanks for the follow-up. I’m going to open a chat support ticket and let them know that this is a false positive.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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