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  1. culture-cross
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hello there!!

    I am using a function to add tabs to a product page on my site, culture-cross.org

    I added one tab using a function. I want to add two tabs. So When I add the function again to function.php to make the second tab, I get this error:
    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare woo_new_product_tab() (previously declared in /hermes/bosoraweb183/b1660/ipg.culturecrossorg1/test/wp-content/themes/MayaShop_WordPress_Theme/maya/functions.php:46) in /hermes/bosoraweb183/b1660/ipg.culturecrossorg1/test/wp-content/themes/MayaShop_WordPress_Theme/maya/functions.php on line 78

    How do I add the function twice, to use it again?

    This is the function:

    add_filter( 'woocommerce_product_tabs', 'woo_new_product_tab' );
    function woo_new_product_tab( $tabs ) {
    // Adds the new tab
    $tabs['test_tab'] = array(
    'title' => __( 'Ask a question', 'woocommerce' ),
    'priority' => 50,
    'callback' => 'woo_new_product_tab_content'

    return $tabs;

    function woo_new_product_tab_content() {

    // The new tab content

    echo '<h2>Have a question? Just ask!</h2>';
    echo do_shortcode('[customcontact form=5]');


    THANK YOU!!!

  2. vtxyzzy
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I think you can get what you want by adding a second filter with a different function name:

    add_filter( 'woocommerce_product_tabs', 'woo_new_product_tab2' );
    function woo_new_product_tab2( $tabs ) {
       // rest of code the same

    You could also add the second tab inside the first function, but this way keeps the code separate.

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