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    Hi team.
    I’m really fascinated with your plugin, Thanks !

    Unfortunately, I am experiencing several Errors since I’ve installed and I don’t think it’s working like it should.

    First one was when disabling “accounting” module.
    After that, I could set up SMTP mail successfully, but when user sends a form, contact will not display properly in backend, instead, I could also see a fatal error there.

    I can’t recreate some of the errors I’ve seen. These are the current errors I have right now:

    When deactivating any of the 3 modules, in tools >> status: Screenshot

    After setting STMP mail, and testing form . Screenshot

    Mail I’ve recieved from WP:

    WordPress version 5.5.1
    Current theme: Digitalek Child Theme (version 2.2.1584467269)
    Current plugin: WP ERP (version 1.6.6)
    PHP version 7.2.33
    Error Details
    An error of type E_ERROR was caused in line 311 of the file /home4/sebaeco/public_html/digitalek.com/wp-content/plugins/erp/includes/framework/class-system-status.php. Error message: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function WeDevs\ERP\Framework\erp_hr_get_manager_role() in /home4/sebaeco/public_html/digitalek.com/wp-content/plugins/erp/includes/framework/class-system-status.php:311
    Stack trace:
    #0 /home4/sebaeco/public_html/digitalek.com/wp-content/plugins/erp/includes/framework/views/status-report.php(59): WeDevs\ERP\Framework\System_Status->get_erp_user_count('hrm_manager')
    #1 /home4/sebaeco/public_html/digitalek.com/wp-content/plugins/erp/includes/class-status.php(34): include_once('/home4/sebaeco/...')
    #2 /home4/sebaeco/public_html/digitalek.com/wp-content/plugins/erp/includes/framework/views/status-page.php(27): WeDevs\ERP\Status::status_report()
    #3 /home4/sebaeco/public_html/digitalek.com/wp-content/plugins/erp/includes/class-status.php(16): include('/home4/sebaeco/...')
    #4 /home4/sebaeco/public_html/digitalek.com/wp-content/plugins/erp/includes/admin/views/tools.php(66): WeDevs\ERP\Status->__construct()
    #5 /home4/sebaeco/public_html/digitalek.com/wp-content/plugins/erp/includes/a

    I hope we can sort this out, since I really want to use this plugin. Also have seen premium addons, which I found expensive but very interesting.

    Thank you

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Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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