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    I have a headless server (Ubuntu 16.04), it has PHP 7 installed but wordpress still refuses to install. I get some stupid messy page in black and whit that offers no help. This 5 minute install is a joke right?
    I open /var/www/html/wp-admin/install.php in firefox and get told php is not running, but it is..
    why would anyone use wordpress is beyond me. I coded a website faster than i am unable to install WP.

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  • Ok.

    You are loading the php file directly from the filesystem. You have to use a url.

    Thats your issue.

    It will never work like that you are not even loading apache let alone php. You are simply viewing the file in a browser.

    nothing else is even getting close to that. I think it may be your virtual host solution but i have no idea what to enter, where to put it.
    Its all local, never going live and tbh getting to be too much trouble. I might just use the stupidly restrictive online version and do a terrible job.

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    the more i read the more convinced i need to create the virtual host file.
    Im guessing

    Yes, you will need to setup the webserver to serve the files. No way around it.

    Once you got that figured the rest really is easy.

    My advice, read the howto again, read a couple more theres plenty out there.

    Then start again and check as you go..

    the guide i followed says nothing about virtual hosts and the others are mostly copy paste jobs.
    There is almost NO real support anywhere which is frankly disgusting, not even any official stuff.
    I am appaled that i can build a site with html and css in a few hours but i cant get a 5 minute install to work for days.
    WP really need to look at streamlining this process.

    WordPress cannot install and configure a webserver and php for you.

    It just assumes you have already done that.

    my wordpress is in /var/www/html, my ip is, tell me exactly what to type for url.

    Well either or http://localhost if you didnt add a virtual host those are the two most likely defaults.

    As per step 6

    the urls take me to my apache page, dont even need http:// just the IP is enough.
    Followed that to the letter and it does not work.
    The author has missed out some configuration which is essential.

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    This is clearly a wordpress incompatibility issue based on the silence.
    Opening install.php in a browser does not work.
    why is this so complicated.

    Solved. It was a PHP issue. upgraded php to 7.2, then had to add

    sudo apt-get install php-mysql

    because there was a mysql extension issue.

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