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    Hi – I’m considering migrating from MT to WordPress, but I’m hesitant to trust a PHP script. Although a rebuild may take a long time, at least it’s not being executed constantly, creating what can often become an unacceptable strain on the server – with new, un-necessary calls to PHP and the database with every page load.
    Now all of this really is technobabble to me – and what I just stated may be completely wrong.
    But I’m very worried that, should I start creating PHP pages for clients, that I’m going to be inundated with complaints about load times. HTML pages, of course, load immediately. And I’ve always noticed at least a SLIGHT delay with PHP.
    At any rate, I had heard that these problems could be minimized with “caching”. I have no idea what that means.
    But does WordPress employ caching, to lighten the load on the server?
    To keep my costs down, I’ve chosen – I basically got 30 domains for $60/mo – which puts more money in my pocket for every client. BUT… Having recently placed a pro bono Mambo installation on that server, I noticed some rather disappointing load times. And they were very highly ranked, at least last year.
    So can any of you gurus give me a little peace of mind on this? While I can see the benefit of using a dynamic script like WordPress, I’m scared to death of facing an onslaught of complaints from clients when they type in their web address – and they have to wait 10 seconds before anything appears.
    Thanks for any and all info. I REALLY want to jump in and start trusting PHP again, but I’ve had some very bad experiences in the past. And given I’m well aware that the server I’m using is probably stressed as it is (read CHEAP), I’m worried that I could face a major fiasco.

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  • Moderator Matt Mullenweg


    WordPress is very fast, but dynamic pages are slower than static pages and a slow or overloaded server will not help matters. WP runs tons of high-traffic sites that are as fast as anything eles out there, so it’s capable, but probably your best bet would be to just install it and see how it does on your hosting.



    Thanks for the reply – the problem with big servers is that one day everything runs lickety split, the next day everything is bogged down.
    I was also wondering how WordPress performed with the search engines – given the dynamic pages.
    I’ve been able to obtain ridiculously high search engine rankings using MT – was wondering if the same held true for WordPress. It’s almost as if the search engines favored the blogs over any other html pages.

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