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  • My university webhost supports PHP but only if all PHP scripts end with the suffix .cgi and start with a she-bang header. I thought maybe – MAYBE – I could go through all of the WP files and make those changes, an enterprise that seems theoretically possible but a tremendous headache. I’ve looked for documentation on this and found nothing helpful, but perhaps I am looking in the wrong places. Does it exist at all? Can I really practically do this, or should I just give up and look for a new webhost?

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  • There are even hosts that install PHP as cgi but they never require to modify the scripts.
    If that’s really the case with that univ server, I’d say try to find another one.

    The she-bang header might not be a problem, as it is only needed in files loaded directly, not in the ones that are included (as far as I know). But changing the file extensions of all php files to cgi AND also changing all references of those files inside the code is a huge task, so my recommendation is also to get a new host.

    Good luck, Sanne

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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