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  • I recently faced a problem, where for some reason website would not remember session data for some users. They Log in, get to the home page, but the moment they click any other link they are logged out and taken back to login page.

    Interesting thing is, this happens for both Firefox and Internet Explorer.

    When I used the users credentials I was able to log in perfectly on my machine. When I passed him my credentials to try, and it failed on his machine.

    Please provide any solution to this problem

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  • Sounds like a problem on their end. I’d suggest they clear out their browser history/cache and temporary internet files for IE and delete any cookies related to your site (or just delete all the cookies) and try again.

    Obviously, they need to have cookies enabled or make sure something isn’t preventing cookies from being saved on their end.

    Hope it helps,
    Mark H.

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