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  • I had been trying for a while to get rss feeds to show on my word press website and also an amazon my wishlist. I eventually remembered that rss feeds on a phpnuke site with the same host had stopped working a while back. Similarly the rss feed for my site is not working and the dashboard in wordpress 1.5 just shows a blank page (compared to another wp1.5 site i have where the rss and dashboard are working) Apprently my webhost (who are very good btw so i really do not want to move unless i have to) reported:

    “Unfortunately at this moment in time the PHP configuration will remain unchanged unless the variables involved become more secure, you should find php does have ways to recode certain scripts, I recommend if you look at the variables you use and look them up on they should list what other variables you can use. “

    Is there anyway around this?

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  • Ummm, not sure what PHP has to do with it. PHP is just the ‘generation mechanism’, otherwise the page eventually is served as XML/HTML.

    Now, there’s a difference between PUBLISHING a feed and GRABBING one — obviously. 😉

    If your RSS retrieval isn’t working, not sure what ‘lock down’ they might have done on your PHP install. You’d have to ask them what they changed.


    It sounds like your problem is with RSS retrieval. It could be that fopen is disabled… if that’s the case, I’d try… they claim to not use fopen. It’s just one file that you need to include before you can retrieve a syndication.

    You can see it “in action” on my page on the bottom left

    The WordPress dashboard uses Magpie, so if that isn’t working then it is unlikely that a separate Magpie install would work.

    aughavey, I’d say you’ve got a lousy ISP, even if they’ve decided to lock down PHP for legitimate reasons, what an incredibly unhelpful response. Jump ship, there are a lots of hosts in the world.

    I might have to butI have used their company for a long time and I receive my broadband adsl from them also. Their hosting is good and I have unlimited webspace (within reason i would think).

    It also seems like “pinging” does not work. Signed up to Technorati and put up their link on this website and also another wordpress site. Nothing happens. The other word press site works fine and pings pingomatic and technorati (allowing me to claim my blog on technorati) but not so on this site.

    I am at work at the moment but have found the following:-

    Following a security upgrade, a change has been made to our PHP configuration to switch register_globals OFF. This basically means that statements such as:

    echo $my_variable_name;

    will no longer function correctly. There is a simple resolution to this problem in the form of some code that should be inserted into the top of your page. Here are some examples:

    If the variable you are trying to access is passed via the URL string:


    If the variable you are trying to access is passed via a form post operation:


    If the variable you are trying to access is a server environment variable:



    Would this be causing the problems with the dashboard and rss?
    If so can anybody suggest a solution apart from drastically changing ISP and moving websites and databases?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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