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  • I feel like such an idiot. I thought I was an intermediate level novice level-type guy, but I have been relieved of that misconception. I got through the 5 steps of the 5 minute install and it’s now day 2. I’m so bummed. I am having a myriad of issues. The most recent is that when I try to run Install.php is opens in my notepad as tagged script rather than in my browser. Which, if I am reading some of the board comments here correctly, means that my PHP is not being read correctly. Anyway, in the install.php file in notepad, it says that the wp-config.php is missing. So I have done something wrong there, too. So, I guess let’s start back at Step 1 (long form). I downloaded the zip file to my hard drive, unzipped there. Before proceeding, I logged on to my hosting site,, which requires that I activate my”linux account” to get to the mySQL and PHP stuff. So I did. It assigned me a user name and password. It created a database there as well, once I activated it and opened up the phpMyadmin Control Panel. It appears that a completely different URL has been created by adding an x in front of my regular root directory, like this: – so my question is, should my WordPress files go to the x-side, or do they go under my root, which I appear to have to FTP separately through another password and username – am I missing how they connect? Do you understand why I am confused. I’ll quit now and start working on my other issues. Thanks.

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