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    I have this almost installed. Just one last hiccup and I think it’s done. Here is that hiccup.

    When I visit some part of the blog portion of my site (that is, the WordPress portion) I can visit one item (page, link, etc.) and that works fine. But when I click to another link or load another page (involving WP) I get an error:

    PHP has encoutered an Access violation at 0128902E

    This error code is meaningless to me and google yields no information about this specific code. I have seen other posts here asking about these access violations, but none of the solutions seemed to do anything for me.

    I’m happy to answer any questions for clarity.

    I am running SBS 2003, PHP4, MySql4.1, IIS6, and WP2.3.3 on a pretty much brand new box. The general html of the site is working, it seems to be just the WP/PHP segments which this is happening to.

    Oddly, every time I reset IIS I can access one more link. So, in theory I could do everything I wanted to do in WP by clicking a link, going over and restarting IIS, and then clicking the next link.


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  • kmessinger


    I don’t think this is WP. It is something with your server.

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    Something with my server? Fascinating.

    I did some more testing. I was mistaken about an IIS reset being required. On the server, seemingly at random, links will or will not work within WP running on Firefox or IE. I’ve basically just been clicking them in rapid succession and going back when the error comes. Currently the error code is 012B1255 (but I think it changes and IE skips this part).

    When the page is going to error out, it takes ages to do so. Well, the Access error message tends to appear right away, but then the page continues to attempt to load. Then Opera stops loading the page; Firefox switches to a “The connection was reset” error; and IE gives a “This program cannot display the webpage” error.

    I have manipulated all kinds of permissions around and this seems to have had no impact whatsoever.

    Any clues appreciated.

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    I tried turning off all the CA/eTrust services just in case. This also made no difference.

    I’m really just clutching at straws here.

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    Another error code: 012B16F5.



    im guessing you have googled this and discovered that this related to something server side?

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    There was something from PHP4 that was mucking things up. Once I scoured through and removed anything related to PHP4 I came to a different error which was much easier to fix (changing the extensions path from ./ext to c:/php5/ext).

    Now it looks to be fully functional.

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