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php _e() for link list?

  • I notice that <?php get_links_list(); ?> does not include a call to _e() like the other items in menu class, e.g.: <?php _e('Categories:'); ?>. Therefore, the display text can’t be easily modified, and is not consistent with the other items in menu class.

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  • There is no separate header before get links list like there is for “Categories:”, “Archives:”, etc. As for the output of get_links_list() itself, it displays the link category names in the database. If you want different names, you have to change the names through the link manager.

    rboren: I know that there is no header for the “get links” function; that’s what I was asking for.
    It’s an inconsistent design decision – it seems to me – that there is not a header. All other elements that one would place within the menu region have a header – why not the “links”?
    Why should users need to tweek the .php file for this, rather than the index? Just seems like an oversight to me….

    RB: If I follow you correctly, there is a header but it comes from the Link Categories named by the user. I have a “Links:” and “Blogs:” category. There is no need for a header in the menu, otherwise it would cause an inconsistent display:

    Ah…. OK, I see now. I can alter the name under “Links” in admin. Plus, I can add additional categories and organize links under those.
    Got it! Thanks.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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