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    I know PHP 8.3 is quite new but try testing “Operations with large text data” against the previous version. I’ve seen a drop of 4-5 seconds, from 7.7 in 8.2 to 2.4 seconds in 8.3. That’s too much difference and PHP 8.3 is not a radically new version like 5.6 vs 7.0 . Now, it’s possible that it’s just a better compiler for that particular functions you’ve used, but it doesn’t seem overall improvement of PHP runtime.
    Could you check it please? Thank you!

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  • Plugin Author Anton Aleksandrov


    Interesting! I will check it out!

    Plugin Author Anton Aleksandrov


    A very interesting article about speed of different PHP versions can be found here https://kinsta.com/blog/php-benchmarks/ – according to this article PHP8.3 at specific functions is much faster, especially those tests of WooCommerce. Anyway – that, indeed, does a little bit makes same CPU look, like it is “faster”. But on the other hand – we technically want compare, how fast PHP and WordPress performs and if specific PHP version is faster – it is faster.
    Functions, that are used inside “Operations with large text data” are random string generator, mb_eregi_replace, array sorting and array merging. The most used is “mb_eregi_replace” and I believe WordPress itself uses this function a lot – all text filters use it.

    I will look for more independent CPU intense function and will add it as extra benchmark. And I guess I will also recommend – if possible – upgrade to PHP8.3 to make your WordPress run faster. 🙂

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