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  • Does P3 support php 7?

    Seeing some odd results on the tests, or things really are blindingly fast (i doubt). Plugin impact is also 930862.9% (e.g. almost all the load time).

    Total Load Time: 0.5758seconds avg.
    Site Load Time: 0.0001seconds avg.
    Profile Overhead: 0.5758seconds avg.
    Plugin Load Time: 0.5756seconds avg.
    Theme Load Time: 0.0000seconds avg.
    Core Load Time: 0.0000seconds avg.
    Margin of Error: -0.5756seconds avg.
    (0.5758 observed, 1.1515 expected)
    Visits: 8
    Number of PHP ticks: 5 calls avg.
    Memory Usage: 43.25 MB avg.
    MySQL Queries: 121 queries avg.

    Wordpress 4.4.2, P3

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  • Im also having issues with PHP 7 –

    Does not appear to recognise other plugins only shows P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler)

    Hi. I have the same problem with PHP 7.
    “Turned off performance scanning.”

    Same issue here and last update was 12 month ago.

    Doesn’t work with PHP7.

    Same here, just changed to PHP 7.0.4 and now P3 only recognizes ITSELF.



    Same here, only P3 is shown.

    Same issue here, P3 only showing itself.

    Please P3 plugin authors, make this compatible with PHP7, most sites are now moving to it so it would be worth the investment.

    It’s same story with all plugins, ( Interconnectit, Godady, …). – PHP 7.0 changed behavior. Reason for all troubles is function debug_backtrace() which all plugins use for checking.

    Functions inspecting arguments report the current parameter
    func_get_arg(), func_get_args(), debug_backtrace() and exception backtraces will no longer report the original value that was passed to a parameter, but will instead provide the current value (which might have been modified).

    function do_tick() {
    // Get the current trace
    $trace = debug_backtrace();

    PHP 5.6 shows backtraces from function which is interrupted, but PHP 7.0 shows backtraces for do_tick function (and it always points to same file – plugin and you don’t see any other plugin).

    Only old wp-profiler works, but it needs “coding” for each run. It doesn’t use register_tick_function, it use ‘all’ hook in WP.It seems that isn’t possible to easy fix it, basically it has to create totally new logic.


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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