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    PHP 7 is pretty amazing, but unfortunately it broke backwards compatibility with the way debug_backtrace() has fundamentally worked in the past, which P3 and other profilers rely heavily on to profile the call stack.

    As you can imagine, this is going to take a considerable amount of planning, time and help because we would essentially be throwing away what we have and starting from scratch.

    Additionally, whatever approach is decided for the profiler engine to work on PHP 7 would still need to be PHP 5.4 compatible as well, at minimum.


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  • A sincere thank you, for your work since now and for your eventual future efforts 🙂

    This plugin should be removed from the wp repository or maintained the end of story.

    The author would have been well aware of the release of PHP 7 and put a solution in place well before. I’m sure GoDaddy can afford a bit of development work on a plugin. In fact, Godaddy should lead by example of good practice.

    It has caused a lot of issues on various sites and has wasted my time ultimately.

    I’m tired of seeing unmaintained and broken plugins, especially when it is linked from a GoDaddy article recommending it.

    I’ve just wasted half an hour trying to run a scan and worrying about what might be broken.

    Could you not at least push an update that gives an error message when a site is using PHP 7?

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