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    You closed this ticket but unfortunately it is not solved at all.
    I definitely need your help. I reinstalled Wordfence from scratch, didn’t help. I tested it already with PHP 7.4.9 also didn’t help. It only works well for me with PHP 7.3.x I can’t stay on this version forever.

    BR, Attila

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    So the next thing I’m looking at is that Scanning contents went quite fast while the malware scan was disabled. In this case, it’s opening all the same files but is scanning only for URLs with a single regex, compared to the thousands we use during the malware scan. Most of the work done during the malware scan is using these regexes.

    So I see in diagnostics, it says PCRE JIT Support not compiled in. This seems like the next most likely issue. Your 7.3 diagnostics shows --with-pcre-jit and --with-pcre-regex, while 7.4 shows ;--with-pcre-jit and --with-external-pcre instead. PCRE is most likely working in general, but it’s possible your external library is also built without JIT support, which can make regexes slow.

    This is probably more complicated for the host to fix, if they’re willing to look at it. They would likely have to rebuild PHP with the --with-pcre-regex option, or figure out how to install the external PCRE library with JIT support. The first option is likely easier, and if they’re using something like cPanel/WHM, it might just be a checkbox to enable it, and a few clicks to rebuild PHP.

    Let me know how this goes!

    Thanks again!

    Hi Adam,
    I contacted the hosting provider, they contacted the control panel provider and they came to the conclusion (after a complicated explanation) that hopefully the regex issue will be solved in the next version within a couple of month.
    We shall see. Till than I will stay on PHP 7.3

    The external library story is described here I think:

    Migration to pkg-config
    A number of extensions have been migrated to exclusively use pkg-config for the detection of library dependencies. Generally, this means that instead of using –with-foo-dir=DIR or similar only –with-foo is used. Custom library paths can be specified either by adding additional directories to PKG_CONFIG_PATH or by explicitly specifying compilation options through FOO_CFLAGS and FOO_LIBS.
    –with-pcre-regex has been removed. Instead –with-external-pcre is provided to opt into using an external PCRE library, rather than the bundled one.

    Thanks for your help so far.

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    Thanks for letting us know @titala

    Hopefully, this does get resolved for you.

    Let us know once you do upgrade if you are having any issues again.

    Thanks for your support and patience!

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