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  • Hi,

    I have an issue with PHP 7.3(latest version) and WordPress(latest version, 5.0.2) related to the MySQL extension.

    Let me explain:

    When I select PHP 7.3 through the PHP Selector available in cPanel, I get the following message in my WordPress website:
    “Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension which is required by WordPress.”

    Whe I select PHP 7.2 all is working properly, but I want to use the PHP 7.3 because is the latest and fastest.

    When I run phpinfo(); function with PHP 7.2, I see that the “mysqli” and “mysqlnd” modules appear in the phpinfo() Report, But when I use the PHP 7.3, NONE on the MySQL modules appear in the phpinfo() Report.

    I opened a Support Ticket in the Hosting that I’m using explaining the ISSUE and their answer was this:


    I spoke with engineering team regarding this and they say me that Php 7.3 does not currently offer the MySQL extension yet. Thus, you will need to utilize php 7.2 until it’s been released.


    I’m not sure if their answer is correct, for this reason I’m asking here in the WordPress forum because I need to know if this ISSUE is related to WordPress itself or if is an ISSUE with the Hosting Servers configuration.

    One additional detail:
    in the phpinfo() Report, the following line caught my attention, because there is an interesting difference between the PHP 7.3 and 7.2 reports:

    In the phpinfo() report with PHP 7.3, I get this:
    Additional .ini files parsed: /opt/alt/php73/link/conf/default.ini

    and Now the phpinfo() report with PHP 7.2, I get this:
    Additional .ini files parsed: /opt/alt/php72/link/conf/alt_php.ini

    Maybe this is causing the Issue, I don’t know, please help me 🙁

    Thanks in Advance,

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  • Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    My advice would be to use 7.2 for now. Until your host updates their 7.3 configurations to support the MySQLi extension, you will have a very hard time rolling your own.

    Hi Otto, thank You very much for your answer. You say that is better to wait until my Hosting updates their 7.3 configurations to support the MySQLi extension. This means that currently All the MySQL extensions required by WordPress are currently available in PHP 7.3 ?
    Because if so, then my Hosting is lying to me when they say that “Php 7.3 does not currently offer the MySQL extension”, and I would proceed to insist until I convince them to update/compile PHP 7.3 with the required MySQL drivers.

    Thank You again for Your valuable help 🙂

    I would get back in touch with them & advise that the new stable release does have mysqli extensions available. They would have to update their packages to the new release. That’s all dependent on the hosting company.

    In my own opinion, I would stick with 7.2 for a while in order to let the bugs be worked out. Just because it’s the stable release doesn’t mean everything works, and just because it’s the latest release doesn’t mean it will offer a performance boost. Also, you’re working through a hosting company that determines your PHP base configuration… You don’t have enough control over the server to manage what’s on there, especially if they’re hosting via Plesk or cPanel.

    Hi zmmccrocklin, thank You so much for Your inputs, really appreciated.

    I will get back to them and advise that the new PHP 7.3 stable release does have the mysqli extensions available, so that they are aware of that.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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