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    Hi guys,
    I’m planning to upgrade to PHP7.3 some time next week. I’ll be doing testing in the first half of the week, but just want to check upfront whether W3TC is compatible with PHP7.3?

    I know I saw some errors recently (on 0.9.7) relating to count() in relation to PHP7.2 – but I assume that’s all resolved as part of now (I haven’t actually checked my logs yet!)

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    We have tested on a few servers running PHP 7.3 without issues. Of course, we can not test every setup so please drop us a note if you encounter any issues after upgrading.

    Running on WP 5.1
    I upgraded to php 7.3 with my hosting company, I also added your plugin. I am not sure what causes the issue with the menu icons.
    see for example Cuisine, I think its called font awesome, or is it maybe CDN I enabled?
    Any help would be great.

    Will Stocks


    I can confirm:


    No issues so far! 🙂

    @mbeerli I would suggest opening a new support topic as this one is closed/resolved. As above, I can confirm PHP7.3 is compatible (as does @vmarko) – your issue is likely different/unrelated and could do with expanding on details (link to your site/pages, explanation of what the issue is exactly, error logs if possible (you can get them from your host if you don’t have access))

    Log a new post/topic here:

    I just disabled CDN and voila the icons are working again.



    The back end crashed when I installed W3 Cache and NextGen Gallery on PHP7.3

    I’ve just noticed that W3TotalCache (and WP Super Cache) cause the Hestia theme to break using PHP 7.3: Pages appear in a column only half the width of the browser window instead of taking up most of the width of the window. Downgrading to PHP 7.2 fixes the problem.




    I have installed PHP 7.3 on my server and have been trying to get my WordPress websites to work with it. Other websites I’ve got using PHP 7.3 work fine. The error I keep getting comes up with a critical error message when accessing the website yet if you refresh the page a couple of times it does load up the page. Yet clearly their has to be some issue as it does this on every page load yet I’m stuck as to how to resolve the issue.

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