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  • From what I can experience, Papercite works (amazingly, thanks!) with PHP v7.2, but it appears to be incompatible with v7.3. Is there any plan to update that?


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  • Just a quick confirmation that it’s not working with PHP 7.4, either. My bibliography disappeared after the update. Configuring the bib file in the WordPress menu brought back the bibliography, but grouping and sorting did not work. Rolling back to PHP 7.2 brought back my old bibliography.

    Edit: I would suggest documenting dependencies on specific PHP versions, especially since WordPress officially recommends PHP 7.3:



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    There is an error in the regex on line 598 of file papercite.php with recent versions of PHP (using 7.4 myself).

    In particular, the dash in a regex was previously not interpreted as an error (which could be ambiguously interpreted as a range), but with later versions of PHP this seems to have changed (see this SO question).

    In particular, part of the regex was [\w-:_] which should just be changed to [-\w:_]. After changing this, everything works again. You can manually adjust this in your plugins directory. Perhaps this can also be addressed upstream to solve the problem in a next release.

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    Sorry, but I cant’t find the file papercite.php…

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