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  • 1. I got email that I need to upgrade from php5.2 to 5.4. And I did that.
    2. After upgrade to PHP 5.4, visual editor was not working, but if I switched back to 5.2 everything worked fine again. But hosting is moving their servers to 5.4 so I also must adjust.
    3. After lots of diagnostic (updating everything, off-on every plugin, adding concatenate_script function to config.php….) and a lot of help from hosting provider we located error in the encoding I used. It was windows-1250, which was THE only encoding that displayed Croatian language as it should be.
    4. The problem is that windows-1250 is NOT supported in php 5.4, so they suggested iso-8859-1 but that does not show my language properly.
    5. We tried iso-8859-2, which is official replacement for windows-1250 but it is not working at all. Error log says it is not supperted in php5.4
    6. Only thing left to do was to go back to UTF-8, which is not good , whatever anybody say, and now I have huge problem with complete database and how the site is displayed.
    7. Lot of croatian characters are not displayed at all, even though they should be.
    8. Visual editor does not work anymore att all. I can post new text, but cannot edit existing posts, which was the problem I started from.

    I have several such sites and all of them are affected. Example is

    Does anybody have the solution for this? Is there a way to recode database to UTF-8, or any other solution? There are several years of blog posts and now all of them are useles because of one update.

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  • To recode database to UTF-8, you need to use the phpmyadmin. Or you save your database data and then edit every occasion that needs code change.

    Just to give your some clues as to how to start.

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