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    Bluehost is forcing their customers to switch to PHP 5.4 but not offering any support.

    This is a part of the email they sent:
    “…you are strongly encouraged to switch to version 5.4 within the next 7 days. If you do not then your account will be automatically upgraded to 5.4 along with any extensions you have chosen to include in your current 5.2/5.3 configuration. You can upgrade PHP by navigating to your cPanel, going to the category Software/Services and clicking the link PHP Config. From there, scroll down and select any of the PHP 5.4 options.”

    However, when I do that, the content on my web page disappears. The menus are still there, but nothing else.
    Here is a snap shot of the error log: http://www.orrsc.com/wp-content/uploads/error_log.htm

    I have the most recent version of WordPress and all my plugins have been updated. Not sure what else to do. Help.

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    Those look like errors from your theme – how recently updated is it?



    I have Busy Bee by Woo Themes, version 2.0.1.
    It’s at least two years old. WordPress isn’t showing any updates that are available for it. Plus there is a bunch of custom code in it, so I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to completely update the theme.



    I’m sorry but that is not a WPORG theme, so you will need to ask the theme’s developers this question. We only support themes downloaded from wordpress.org here.
    Try http://www.woothemes.com/support/

    I have the same message from Bluehost that MK2013 quoted above. I am using WordPress 3.7.1 with a Twenty Twelve child theme, and all my plugins are up to date.

    I’ve never dealt with a PHP upgrade before, and this makes me kinda nervous, so I thought I’d check the forum and try to find out about possible problems first.

    Am I right to be nervous? Or, no worries?

    I have tried 5.4 temporarily at BlueHost, and wp_debug showed some plugin troubles ahead for me. But as far as I know, WordPress is just fine with it.

    Thank you, leejosepho.

    WordPress codex says

    It is not recommended to use WP_DEBUG or the other debug tools on live sites, they are meant for local testing and staging installs.

    Since my site is live, I’m guessing I need to go to the authors of all my plugins and make sure they’re PHP 5.4 compliant? Unless there’s a better way?

    Or am I over-obsessing?

    I typically set debug to true for just long enough to take a screenshot or copy the text from the page. Some of it shows up at the top of the Dashboard, but have another tab open at the front since some things might only show up there. Checking the Support Forums for your plugins might help, but no two sites and setups are guaranteed to always be identical.

    Thanks again, leejosepho. That’ll be the plan.

    Went off without a hitch! Navigated the whole website, front & back, haven’t found glitch one.

    Has anyone figured out how to fix this? I’m a photographer, not a programmer, so I’m not going to understand what all this means. Can anyone use small words and help me fix my stupid WP site, please? I need, literally, step-by-step, click this button, kinda help.

    Thank you!

    @sunflarephoto – please start your own thread if you need help and include relevant details about your site in your thread.


    if you use blue host, you can call them 24/7 and they will always help you with anything. they are amazing.

    in regards to the php thing…

    i have since learned that this is just an update to php and is merely a security update. i spoke with blue host and they were very helpful. they let me know that is won’t affect most themes and plugins since it is just a security thing. furthermore, i have updated the php with blue host for all of my clients and it affected nothing! yay!! i use elegant themes almost exclusively for the websites i build. having said that, i do have all the lasted versions and updates to wordpress, my themes and plugins in place, which is important in this case.

    My host is also doing the PHP 5.4 update. When I tested my site I was getting a white screen.

    I tried everything WordPress admin wise. What ended up being my problem was the .htaccess file. There was a lot of old references to earlier versions of PHP, Apache and a Drupal reference for some reason.

    I copied over a .htaccess file from a different site that was working after backing up the old .htaccess file.

    I got the fix from http://www.wpbeginner.com/wp-tutorials/how-to-fix-the-internal-server-error-in-wordpress/

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