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  • Very few hosters will change to PHP5 cause it will cause very many php4 scripts to stop functioning properly…
    1) wait until PHP5 is rls as final, not as RC or beta
    2) wait hosters starts to accept PHP5 (that will take time, believe me).
    So… make conclusions 🙂

    You may be right about hosting companies not running PHP 5 for a while yet, but I run it, and so do quite a number of other developers. I think that early PHP 5 compatibility is important to both the adoption of WordPress as well as the adoption of PHP 5. I’d hate to see the Catch 22 situation of neither group updating because they’re waiting on the other.
    I’ve had a bit of trouble getting WordPress running on PHP 5, but so far I’ve been able to hack around everything but the Movable Type import and image uploads. Still working on those.
    Should I be posting the PHP 5 compatibility issues I’m finding on this board or somewhere else?

    Moderator Matt Mullenweg



    On the board is fine.

    jbaty, I hope you are working on the movabletype import new version from the CVS. The old wouldn’t behave right anyways with 1.2

    I think I tried the Movable Type import from a build from last week sometime. I was having trouble checking out the CVS version.
    I hate to admit that I eventually gave up and ran the import on a machine running php 4.x and just moved the database up to the php 5 box.
    I’ve only been working with WP for a few days. Once I feel comfortable with how everything works I’ll certainly post any compatibility changes I make here.

    Hey, I’ve been running php 5 for a while, and wordpress as well… there are still a few errors in my code, but i’ve made quite a few of the necessary changes ( If people would like, I can finish porting the code to php5. Some things, like chaning the categories of posts, aren’t working right yet. Oh, and I don’t think adding users is working either. But if people think this is something that they’d like me to do, just let me know.

    oh yeah, im also running mysql4.1.1 so that might be a problem for some

    So bumping this up and making a few comments about PHP5. So far as I’ve seen (I’ve been running PHP5 for about 3-4 months now), the biggest change is that PHP5 is a bit more strict on arrays. I’m pretty sure anything written for PHP5 would run on PHP4. I’m not so sure the opposite is true. It might make some sense then to write the code for WP so that it is both PHP5 and PHP4 compatible. Furthermore, it would give WP a step up on the other blog packages that cannot run PHP5. I haven’t looked at 1.2, but will be next week, and I will look into how hard it would be to change it to work with PHP5.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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