• Hello, was hosting a godaddy website but here in house software is limited so I switched my account with them and am trying to install WordPress. Hitting my head against the wall.

    I have installed file zilla and just downloaded wordpress. My computer does not recognize any of the .php files. Does this matter?

    Thank you!

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  • I’m sorry but I can’t tell if you’re hosting with GoDaddy or have switched to hosting someplace else?

    .php files need a PHP server to process them. You can open and edit them (don’t) but they need to be processed by the PHP engine in order for them to render HTML you can view.

    Im with Godaddy already under a plan where I used their online web page builder. Just switched my plan with them so that I will now be editing etc with word press and I am absolutely stuck trying to get anything to work. I thought I would just install it and start designing it on my computer and upload later? No?

    Okay. So how far have you gotten with the install routine?


    I uploaded everything in the download to my website via the FTP. When I go to my website it site it says there is no config file.



    very awesome

    There’s instructions on that page telling you what to do next, aren’t there? I know there have been every time that I’ve seen the no config file page doing an install.

    If you really can’t see anything, there’s a section on the page that lorax linked you to before: http://codex.wordpress.org/Installing_WordPress#Step_3:_Set_up_wp-config.php that will tell you what you need to do. You should ofllow the instructions all the way down the page. There’s no point stopping after one or two points as you’ll probably get into trouble somewhere further down the line, and the instructions will point you towards what to do and help you along.

    It almost sounds like you haven’t edited wp-config.php to the proper settings. As catacaustic notes, the install instructions cover the process pretty well. Just follow them. If you have questions along the way, stop back and let us know.

    Thanks for all your help. Working on it now, so far its going well. Will let you know if it all starts to fall apart!

    OK, so I followed the instructions. I went into my CPanel in Godaddy and used the SQL wizard. Than I installed the WordPress App. Now my only question is, now that I have installed wordpress directly to the site, do I disregard the ZIP file I downloaded from wordpress.org and just download the files Godaddys wordpress app automatically created and go from there?




    very awesome

    You can delete the ZIP file. It’s the same files that would have been installed on your server system.


    I remember it will be automatically install wordpress in godaddy. Is that right? Did you finish it, Canadian?

    Hey! Thanks for everyones help! Everything went well and I am know able to mess around making changes and formatting the site. Now I need to get help using a Forum Plug in! Will look for the proper discussion board for that. Thanks again!

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