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  • Resolved Joe


    Damian, great plugin you have here!

    A couple things I would love to see in future versions:

    1. The ability to customize the photoswipe options (for example, I prefer the white theme…). This could even be as simple as a text box in the options where you can manually enter Photoswipe options

    2. Some sort of pagination or load more capability. Right now if you have a gallery with 50 images it loads all of them… this is time consuming! Would be nice to load only a certain number and then have a load more button or automatically load on scroll. Justified Image Grid ( does this very well.

    3. The ability for your plugin to work with a CDN. Right now I have a CDN set up that rewrites all image URLs to point to Amazon Cloudfront, but images loaded in a gallery do not… I am assuming because you load them via ajax so they aren’t loaded on the page initially? Anyway, could be a simple option to rewrite the image URL to the CDN URL!

    Thank you!

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  • Plugin Author Damian Góra


    Hi Joe,
    Thanks for your proposals.

    The first two points I have on my todo list.

    Regarding the third point. Could you temporary deactivate Justified Gallery and check if image URLs will be point to Amazon Cloudfront with native WordPres galleries?


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    Damian, thanks for the reply.

    Native WordPress gallery also links to the image on my site, not to Amazon Cloudfront. I guess because this is a link, not an actual image, so it won’t get rewritten to the CDN by default.

    Thread Starter Joe


    Damian, one more thing I hope you can add to your list (maybe an option for a premium version that I would be more than happy to pay for!)… I hate, hate haaaattteeee the transition used when loading thumbnails. They currently slide in from the lower right. A nice fade wouldn’t be too bad, but even no transition would be preferable over the slide in.

    I’d love to support you, any chance of a premium version on Code Canyon or something similar?

    I have a similar issue since I did the upgrade to the new version:

    There are only 2 options, disable lightbox or photoswipe.

    If I select photoswipe, it opens the lightbox and photoswipe. (and of course nothing happens if disable lightbox is selected)

    Is there any option that lightbox (or fancybox?) wil be an option on its own?
    I don’t like the photoswipe option.

    Thnaks a lot.
    If I should open a new thread, please let me know.

    Plugin Author Damian Góra


    At the moment it is only available Photoswipe, but I’m going to add SwipeBox, ColorBox, Jetpack Carousel, Magnific Popup and more. Of course for free, but with default settings.

    I have been working on a premium version for some time now. In premium version users will be able to customize each lightbox (all native settings and some extra ones eg white theme for photoswipe). In addition, they will be able to override global settings via shortcodes.

    Joe, if you have more ideas and sugestions, shere them. Also feel free to contact me privately.

    Thread Starter Joe


    Damian, oddly enough, images are served from my CDN perfectly with a different CDN plugin, CDN Enabler –

    Works perfectly with your plugin. I highly recommend it!

    Thread Starter Joe


    Marking this as solved. Hopeful for future development, I’ll be watching closely! Please keep it light and don’t get as complicated and messy as others like justified image grid!

    Fixed ! I had installed PhotoSwipe as a standalone plugin, in addition to JG plugin.
    This obviously caused a conflict. I just uninstalled the PhotoSwipe plugin and it’s now OK.

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