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  • Apparently, the designers of the plug-in don’t check their own help section, as I wrote the original post for this over three weeks ago. Sad.

    Indeed. User-beware. I should have noticed the last update was two years ago.

    I will be searching for a replacement. Finding something suitable will be no problem. Has anyone found anything compatible with existing albums?


    Plugin Author Aubrey Portwood


    This looks like it is due to a simple error.


    There was also a small underscores issue with was resolved by @taurit, see

    I’ve forked this guys plugin at and have fixed the issues above and tested it on the latest WP with success.

    You guys can download a copy with the fix at:

    …and install it via upload and things should work. Please let us know if you have success as well.

    Aubrey, you are awesome! but it’s not working for me…. still nothing when I want to insert the selected images.

    Plugin Author Aubrey Portwood


    Can you describe the exact steps to duplicate?

    Doesn’t work for me either.

    I deleted the existing plugin and installed yours from the download

    Photo Album
    Enter “Test album” in the title field
    Click “Add one or more images”
    Clicked four images with the CTRL key down
    Clicked “Select Image(s)” button
    No images came over into the album.

    Thanks for taking ownership of this. I really appreciate it!


    Plugin Author Aubrey Portwood


    I will re-look at this. It was working for me on a fresh install of WP (latest version). Can you all confirm your WP version?

    I’m running 4.5.2 – I believe this broke with the release of 4.5

    What’s interesting is the Tribe calendar broke at the same time. A user was able to provide a patch for the code. In case it is helpful to you, here it is:

    In the File_imprter.php in wp-content/plugins/the-event-calendar/Tribe/Importer folder i’ve added one argument in $query_args
    see below
    protected function find_matching_post_id( $name, $post_type ) {
    if ( empty( $name ) ) {
    return 0;
    $query_args = array(
    ‘post_type’ =>; $post_type,
    ‘post_status’ =>; ‘publish’,
    ‘post_title’ =>; $name,
    ‘fields’ =>; ‘ids’,
    /*here*/ ‘suppress_filters’ =>; false // this is my change

    Again, I want to thank you for taking ownership of this. It would be nice to have the plugin working again. I have a work around using WordPress’ “Gallery” feature, but the plugin was better.


    I was running 4.5.2 when I noticed the plugin was broken.

    I did a downgrade to 4.5.1 and 4.5 but still it was not working.

    Now the site is running om 4.4.3 and the plugin works.

    Plugin Author Aubrey Portwood


    @plankow @mrneedle

    Check out:

    I was able to insert images using the modified version with WordPress 4.5.2, not sure why this is not working for you. Maybe you still have cached files? Try again and this time hit SHIFT + Refresh before you give it a go (or clear your cache).

    Thanks Aubrey, for working on this!! I will try it again, later this week and let you know.

    Dear @aubreypwd,

    I cloned your git repo into my install and use it instead of the old “official” download. However, it does not same the described problem for me either.
    Are the plugin logs somewhere in the WordPress install?


    Hey @aubreypwd, Finally tested again…

    the result is the same, it is not working also not on a fresh install

    Plugin Author Aubrey Portwood


    Alright guys, I think I figured out what’s going on.

    I had WP_DEBUG enabled on my local which I found was telling the plugin not to load minified files. But, with WP_DEBUG disabled, as you all probably have, it was asking for minified files that didn’t exist on the repo.

    I’ve corrected the plugin to not use minified files, please test and let me know. Sorry for the delay, I was just now able to get around to this.


    I can confirm that after removing the existing plugin and replacing it with yours at resolved the issue for me!! I was able to find a work-around (using the built-in “Gallery” feature) but this plug-in does it better. Many, many thanks! Let’s hope the next major update to WordPress itself doesn’t break things again.


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