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  • Okay. If the page where you write your post indicates the ability to either (a) insert a url of a photo you want to post (since I have all mine up on either my old blogger account or in a yahoo photo album. I tried Flickr but that doesn’t work either) and/or upload one directly, WHY doesn’t it actually work? And I’m logged in, so why is it telling me I don’t have the permissions to do this?

    And don’t tell me to use FileZilla. The download page won’t let me download it. Just a loop. Read the documentation, then download. I click to download and it says, Read the documentation. Nowhere is there something that says, DOWNLOAD THIS VERSION. Just a bunch of files and I don’t know which one to download or if I have to go through all of them one-by-one. You’d think the page would tell you, but nooooo… So I called support for whoever the guys are that are working with AN led me to SmartFTP so I’m using that. Tried uploading a photo to the content file up under images, but guess what? I don’t have a url to retrieve it. And I still can’t get to it for the page.

    I have been through the articles. Changing permissions so I can just simply add a sitemeter – that’s not happening. First it doesn’t tell me WHICH index.php file to go in and change, so I clicked on all of them. Great, but it tells me “there is no file associated with this folder.” So I try again, right click just to view. Want to know what it said? “Silence is Golden.” I don’t get those little pop-up boxes to change numbers and permissions. MY question is, if I’m logged in, and I’m the administrator, I’m the only one with access to my account, why can’t I have automatic access to the permissions in the first place?

    And why is it so much easier to work on the FREE accounts than the PAID ones? You know? I imported my posts. I just want my pictures back!!

    Oh, yeah. Importing the posts seems to have sucked out every last line break in my entire old blogger site. Formatting is destroyed over there.

    Hair pulling out…


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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