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  • i have been running my site with zero problems for 2 months. today, out of the blue, my photos started showing up very small within my posts. they used to be quite large. when i look at them in draft form from wordpress they show fine. most of them are about 700×400 or bigger. they are the size i wanted them to be. when i go to preview or go to my actual site…they are quite small. about 2inches x 2 inches. i’m so frustrated! can’t figure out how to change them back or why this happened. please help!!! my website is

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  • Can you replicate the problem using the Twenty Twelve theme? If “no”, then contact your theme’s vendors. We do not support commercial themes here.

    yes. i went in and activated the 2012 theme to test that and the pictures still show small. i’m so frustrated i don’t know what to do!!

    there must be some reason why they are all of a sudden showing in those small boxes instead of the picture sizes i uploaded. the front page is fine (except for the pictures within the about me page that shows)…its the pictures within the actual posts that are messed up. they used to be large, now they are small thumbnail sized squares. they have been fine and normal for two months and changed to this out of the blue.

    We need to see the site using the Twenty Twelve theme with all other plugins deactivated.

    okay i’ll change it now. can i keep easyrecipes activated? i don’t want to lose all the work i’ve put into those recipe cards

    its change to the 2012 theme

    Please deactivate all plugins. You should not lose any data.

    Oh – and your images seem to be fine using Twenty Twelve – which suggest that the issue is in your old theme.

    okay i deactivated all of them

    they weren’t fine until i deactivated the last two plugins i still had activated. that was jetpack and easy recipe. could it have been jetpack?? that is the only plugin i updated today

    Highly unlikely. It’s a plugin with a massive user base – yet no problems of this kind reported.

    okay. well i appreciate your help. (a LOT)

    so i reactivated jetpack and the pictures got small again. deactivated again and they’re back to normal.

    right now i’m happy to just have my pictures back to normal…but i hate not being able to see stats. i have everything activated as before except jetpack. i updated to the newest version of jetpack today. when i put it back in it automatically makes my pictures smaller. when i deactivate it they go back to normal.

    That’s not an issue I’ve seen associated with Jetpack before! Are you still using Twenty Twelve?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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