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    Since the latest few updates to WordPress we are continually running into problems with pages that contain photos.

    If you click on the “Other” tab on
    you will see 11 images.

    If you do the same thing and click the last tab on the right on

    you will see it’s a blank page.

    Both pages are identical to each other with the exception that one contains Thai text and the other English and one contains 11 images and the blank one 14.

    Both pages have the same photos uploaded at 72dpi and 800 x 600 pixel. We’re using the same code for the layout on each page with images set to 180pixel width each.

    The images display fine in the editor for 13 images but any more than that and onsite we get a blank page – white screen of nothingness, despite them showing okay in the editor.

    On other sites using different templates the white screen of death appears with as little as 8 (somewhat larger) images.

    If we split the images over two pages and hard code them together so they appear as one page online then they will display.

    We’ve deactivated all the plug ins and tried with the default theme and still get the same results as with our custom templates.

    Currently this is affecting about six of our clients sites and the programmer is going nuts and wanting to change everything to Joomla 🙁 :~(

    Any suggestions please?

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  • I just increased the memory allocation in the PHP.INI to 128M and also the memory allocation for Posts to the same but there is not change 🙁

    After giving this more thought I came to the conclusion that this was more table related than image related.

    I cam across this blog story Table Plugin to Fix WordPress

    Found there was already a plugin folder called TinyMCE on one of the websites and deleted by FTP and then reinstalled the plugin and everything works perfectly.

    Installed TinyMCE Advanced on another website that previously didn’t have it and it also fixed the problem there too.

    If this is such an issue that it needs a plugin why doesn’t WordPress address the issue in its core code?

    We’ve literally spent days trying to track down this issue.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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