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  • hi
    please help out with not all photos loading at random..
    if i open page then some photos might be not loaded, if to do refresh of the page several times those do get displayed properly in the end… (most often problem happens with photos in the end of the gallery). if to press on the missing picture – it opens correctly as a new page or a popup depending on settings of the gallery.. but “preview” shown correctly after several page refreshes…
    tried different browsers on different systems..
    had only one plugin connected to photos (Fancybox) – tried disabling it – no effect

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Hi @pruudisalong ,

    Just some quick observations.

    1. I still see Fancybox code referenced in your page.
    2. I don’t see any lazy loading code. So, lazy loading isn’t the issue.
    3. The images that aren’t appearing are throwing 503 errors. This usually means the server is temporarily down or overloaded.
    4. Your page size is 16-17 MB. That’s quite large. I’d try to get it to 1 MB or lower.

    Possible options.

    1. Bring up your 503 errors with your hosting provider. Ask them what they recommend to resolve the 503s. Probably need to upgrade your plan/servers.
    2. Do a thorough delete and DB clean-up of your Fancybox plugin. You may need to contact the plugin author to ask them how to clean up the DB.
    3. Seriously think about paginating this page so you can intelligently throttle how many images to display at a time instead of going for all of them at once.
    4. Consider using WebP image format to get your page size down.

    Good luck!

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    thank you.

    Fancybox is still in use. i just mentioned that i had same problems with and without it.
    seems it loads all photos now after doing some changes in virtual server settings. will keep monitoring before i try to change pictures format.

    the only issue is now with Apple products – gallery goes crazy if to open picture and try to scroll with keyboard arrows… but i assume it is Fancybox plugin issue… and that one hasn’t been updated for 5 years from what i can see…. need to find an alternative for it now which is still maintained 🙂

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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