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  • Hi, I have a problem that I’d like to outline below to give you an idea of where I’m at.

    • Download and install Awesome Flickr Gallery
    • Enable plugin
    • Set up Flickr account and upload 14 photographs
    • Set these photographs to public
    • Generate API key by creating a Flickr App, as per Flickr’s instructions – Add this to the AFG field in my WordPress admin
    • Add Flickr user ID to my WordPress admin
    • Back to my Flickr App, I set one image as a screenshot of the app, as per Flickr’s instruction
    • So, now my Flickr App has one “screenshot” in it
    • Refresh WordPress page and see this screenshot
    • Visit my Flickr profile (while signed out) and notice that there’s only that one “screenshot” in it, not the 14 other photographs I’ve uploaded
    • Get frustrated and post here

    Any ideas? Why would it only show that one screenshot for the Flickr App and not all of my photos that I’ve set to public?

    Any ideas would be very much appreciated.


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  • OK, apparently all my photos were set to strict, as in not suitable for all ages etc. I’ve changed that now and included the [AFG_gallery] within a blog post, but no images are appearing.

    I can see that it’s trying to pull in something, as the AFG divs and comments are in the source code of the page.

    Is there something I need to update somewhere else? Either within WordPress or on Flickr?


Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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