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  • I’m on a Mac and use firefox.

    When you click on a photo within a post, it opens in a new window and enlarges as it should. Also when you click on the photo it will flash to the next one with the post. I am not using any gallery plugin just what wp offers. Also I am adding photøs to the post individually and not in a wp gallery.

    Problem: In the new window the file name of the photo is above the photo and the photo is no longer displayed on a dark background.

    I have a test site with all of the same plugins, theme and is also on wp 3.6 and this does NOT happen on the test site – photos within post when clicked on opens on dark background with no title above it.

    Tried deactivating all of the plugins on the main site and no change.

    I am out of ideas to try.

    Can anyone help me. Thanks!

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  • Do you want it to open in a new window? Or do you want it to open in a Modal, like lightbox, pretty photo or thickbox?

    1. I’m sorry, I don’t know what a Modal is. Before the upgrade when you clicked on the photo with in the box enlarged and was on a dark background with no file name above it. It did this automatically with no plugin aid.

    2. After WP 3.6 upgrade, when you click on a photo within a post it enlargesand it’s on a light gray background and has the photo file name above it.

    I would like it to work the way it use to as in #1.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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