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  • Working with Core 3.6.1
    I cannot get my photos to display on the Page in the correct sequential order.
    I Uploaded 218 photos to a Gallery page (which is linked to a password protected Page that displays the photos as thumbnails). File names are in numbered sequence.
    Photos display in gallery with highest number first. When I choose Ascending order, nothing changes in the order and the files stay at highest number first. When I choose Descending Order, files go haywire and are now in no particular order.
    I need the photos to display in the sequential order with which I have named the files.
    I have also noticed that after some hours, the order of the displayed files goes from jumbled to the highest number first, all by themselves.
    Can I get advice on how my photos can be displayed on the website page in the order of the file name, with 001xxx being the first photo displayed and 0218xx being the last photo displayed.
    Dragging and dropping 218 files is not a viable option.

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  • Hello I have a similar issue Im struggling with and wondered if you got this resolved?

    Hi, no I never got this resolved. No one responded, including direct emails I sent to the administrator of my WordPress design. I just gave up and had to apologise to everyone that the photos were not in the correct order. I tried every way I could think of and a couple times I thought I made it happen, but then the photo numbering would all scramble again.

    If its any help I have just found that once I had cleared the cache and all cookies on my browser and swapped from safari to chrome it started working again. Might be worth a try for you. Good luck

    Thanks – will give that a try.

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