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Photos become bad quality in the slider?

  • Photos are always less quality in slider then they are original…
    Is it a slider problem?



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  • Link to site?

    Hi dt125x – I can’t see the problem you describe. What size screen/viewport are you looking at? As your images are 1170px wide, you will suffer some quality loss if you scale them higher by extending the viewport beyond 1170px width.

    Also some of the original images are a tad sharper than others, eg the villa shot.

    If you want to eliminate quality loss through up-scaling then you should switch from a full-width slider to a framed slider which will never expand beyond 1170px wide.

    Maybe I should upload a bigger photo so it do not lose qualitiy when upscaled a litle?

    Im looking at 17″ screen…


    You shouldn’t be seeing any upscaling degradation on a 17in screen.

    I would counsel against uploading larger images as these will slow your site down for the benefit of a small minority of visitors.

    Instead, you could start over by cropping your original images to 1170 x 500 and saving them as PNG files. Then go to this web page and use their algorithm to create JPG files for your slider – choosing the best from the various compression options they will offer you.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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